I Lost My Car Keys – What Do I Do?

Losing your own set of car keys any time of the day could be the most annoying and enraging thing to occur.

It could happen during the time when you need it the most, like when going to an important appointment or running errands.

This particular circumstance could happen to anyone, and it is very troublesome.

Sometimes, we retrace our previous steps just to find out that the keys are also not in our former location.

What’s worse is that we could not seek help from strangers or anyone that does not have business with your car keys.

You are the only one responsible for its condition and whereabouts.

Don’t fret just yet!

In this article, we are going to unravel the techniques to do to surpass this instance of losing car keys.

Don’t Panic!

The first and the most important thing to do is to avoid panicking.

When you are under pressure and stressed, your train of thought will be clouded by emotions and irrational decisions.

The best way to go through this incident is to get through with it with a calm and rational mind.

Getting frustrated and angry with the situation at hand does not change the fact that you still don’t know the location of your car keys.

So take a deep breath, meditate if you want to, and refocus all your attention on what you really do when you lose your car keys.

With a calm mind, you can think about the different possible solutions to the problem such as calling a car locksmith, which is going to be elaborated later in this article.

Search, Search, Search!

Nothing beats a good old searching and hunting technique for your car keys.

At home, you could potentially look for every corner of your bedroom, cabinets, bed, under the pillows, drawers, and maybe it is just simply hanging on the door.

In the living, it could be found near the television, furniture, and turntables.

Perhaps the lost car keys are just simply left when you went to the comfort room before driving, or maybe it could only be found being chewed by your cute dog.

Who knows? Only you could tell where the possible whereabouts of your car keys are.

Maybe it is in your pocket all along!

Call Your Loved Ones

What we mean by this is not to sob and dump your frustration on your loved ones regarding your lost car keys.

Call your loved ones and ask them to go to your current location if they have spare car keys for the car that you are currently using.

Your relatives or friends could also help you in giving clues and insights on where you put the lost car keys.

This is the most practical and cheapest method to use because it only takes a text message or a phone call to get yourself the key to your locked car.


With the evolution of technology nowadays, you could now find your lost car keys with the help of your smartphone!

There are applications in both ios and android that helps you locate anything, as long as your bluetooth  is turned on and a special sticker is attached on the item.

These applications might be expensive, but it could really help you find your lost car keys.

Get Help From a Locksmith

What is the most common way to do, when we lose our car keys and you have already exhausted other possible solutions?

You could always contact a trustworthy and reputable locksmith in order to get the job done.

Auto Goldy Locks Edmonton offers professional car locksmith services at an affordable price.

Lost and stolen car keys will be provided with duplicate keys in order for you to use the car immediately.

The 24/7 Auto Goldy Locks Edmonton will be available any time of the day so the timing of your lost car keys are always rest assured with us.

The staff in our company is very friendly, and will make sure to attend to your needs, and in this case, provide you with the solution of opening your vehicle even if you lost your car keys.

What are you waiting for?

Contact us now!

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