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If you have a car lockout situation right now and are thinking of unlocking it on your own, you need to stop and call an auto locksmith.

The only person who can help you with this is a professional locksmith.

The money and time that you will spend including the damage you might cause to your car is not worth risking.

If you are wondering how a locksmith can unlock a car and what the reason behind it is, then keep on reading.

Worn and Damaged Keys

If you are certain that you have your correct car key, that doesn’t mean that your keys are not the source of your problem.

Keys can be rusted out on a daily basis, especially if you have an old model car.

Regularly pushing your keys through the car door and your ignition may damage the teeth of your keys.

As a result, there is a poor match between your lock and your keys.

Your car key’s teeth will not match with the lock’s pin; this is what stops it from turning.

Luckily, your car locksmith can make you duplicate keys right away for you to continue with your destination.

We can even install a transponder program on your keys so you can start your car again.

Problem In Your Key Chamber

Just like your keys, a lock chamber that is damaged can hinder your lock from working.

A failed break-in in your car could result in a broken key chamber.

Most cars nowadays come with a remote to unlock by default, so there is a possibility that we won’t notice once we’re going to use traditional keys.

To be more specific, this could result in damage to the screws in your locking chamber, causing them to no longer line up with your car keys.

One of the things that a car locksmith knows is how to open a vehicle’s doors.

There is a huge chance that we can unlock your damaged door in an easy way.

If you have flexible time, we can also completely rekey the lock on your car.

Otherwise, we can set a scheduled session to permanently resolve your issue.

Car Door Deadlock

Since we have a lot of modern cars today, one of the features they have include a deadlock system.

It adds an extra level of security to your vehicle by unlocking it through the turning of a lock cylinder.

It exists to prevent criminals from entering your car.

So instead of going smashing through your car, if they even touch it, it can trigger your alarm.

One example of the deadlock type is the child safety lock. Doors cannot be accessed from the inside using this kind of lockup.

These kinds of locks are typically put mostly on back doors.

Several car types include deadlocks that enable you to unlock the door a little more than usual.

Most vehicle owners are unaware of this; maybe your dealer overlooked it, or they overlooked it in their instruction booklet.

Unlocking Cars That Is Keyless

If you have a car with a keyless entry system in it and it needs to be unlocked, then you might need it to be reprogrammed.

After you have it reprogrammed, your car door can now be easily unlocked.

This, however, necessitates a high level of skill and expertise.

Our experts at Auto Goldy Locks Edmonton can help you unlock your car easily.

So if you want a five star service, give us a call!

Unlocking An Old Car

In older vehicles, the unlock and lock buttons are located towards the interior sections of your car door.

To unlock those buttons, our team at Auto Goldy Locks will be using the J tool to lift the unlock button.

The L tool is utilized for specific vehicle models and designs.

This tool has a slightly different form than the J tool.

Nevertheless, their functionality is quite the same.

These are some of the reasons why your car is locked and other methods that we can use to unlock your car.

As you know, we locksmiths must have the proper tools.

We are also trained to use these tools correctly so we can unlock your car without causing any damage to it.

If you find yourself in a position wherein your vehicle is locked, make sure that you hire the greatest auto locksmith.

Give us a call at Auto Goldy Locks Edmonton and we will get in touch with you within a minute!

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