How to Remove a Broken Car Key

One of the most important tools of a car is its key.

Car Keys are used to lock and unlock the car.

It is also used to start and stop the car’s engine.

As a car owner, it is scary to think that your Car Keys can be broken.

Yes, car keys can also be broken.

Your car key can possibly break after using it for a long period of time.

It can get weary causing it to break into a piece or two easily.

Worst possible thing is it gets stuck in the lock hole.

Once this happens, both your key and your lock hole are unusable.

Both of them won’t function unless you remove the broken car key from the hole and find a new key.

A situation like this can happen once you are driving or going out to have fun.

The good news is, we will try to teach you how to remove a broken car key.

Now, there are many methods you can use on removing a broken car key.

In this article, we will show the easiest method of them all.

Another good thing is that the materials needed for this method are common.

They can be found in your car or in your house.

Just make sure you stay calm and don’t panic while doing this method.

Removing Broken Car Key using Thin Wire

If you don’t have many resources such as an extractor tool or jigsaw blade, this method is for you.

You just need a strong thin wire to conduct this process.

Make sure that it is thin enough to fit right in the lock hole.

But also make sure that it is strong enough to pull out the broken key.

You also need a needle-nose plier.

You will use this plier as support in pulling out the broken car key.

It is the most effective since it has a long thin nose.

Another thing you will need for this technique is oil.

Last but not the least, patience is the most important ingredient for this method.

Step 1: Turn off your car engine

First thing you should do is to make sure that the car’s engine is off.

This is important if you’ve broken your key while using your car.

Along with this also make sure that your car’s emergency brake is on.

This might be simple but there is no harm in taking precautions.

Step 2: Grease the lock hole

After making sure that your car engine is off, do this step.

You should lubricate the lock hole where the broken key is stuck.

This step is also important because it will help to loosen the broken key from the lock hole.

You can use water for this but the most effective lubricant is oil.

Apply the oil to the lock hole and proceed to the next step.

Step 3: Shape your thin wire

In this step, you will finally use your thin wire.

Shape it into a hook-like on both ends.

One big hook on the other end, the one small hook on the other.

You can use your pliers on shaping it.

Step 4: Press the smaller hook into the lock hole

After greasing the lock hole and shaping the thin wire, this is the next step.

Insert the smaller hook end in the lock hole.

Make sure that the hook is pointing upward to the lock hole.

Carefully push it in to not let the broken car key get stuck further.

Push it in until you feel like the wire can’t move further.

It is a sign that you already reach the end of the lock hole.

Step 5: Pull the thin wire out

Slowly turn the wire into the teeth of the broken key.

Make sure you get the broken key on the hook before slowly pulling it out.

Step 6: Use the pliers

This is when the pliers come in handy.

Once you made sure that you already hooked the broken key to the thin wire, use the pliers.

Steadily pull the broken car key until some part of it is out.

When you see even just a small part of the key, use the needle-nose pliers to hold it and pull it out.

Contact a Car Locksmith

If you are encountering any problem with your car key, the easiest way out is to call for a locksmith.

Here in Auto Goldy Locks Edmonton, we deal with different problems regarding your car.

We are willing to lend you a hand on any possible situation.

Including removing a broken car key from the car lock hole.

Yes, learning how to remove a broken car key is useful.

But Auto Goldy Locks Edmonton offers high-quality services.

We are locksmith specialists in Edmonton who provide solutions to this kind of problem.

We are equipped and ready to help anytime and anywhere!

Just call us and we will be there.

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